Diskomat – Catering Kitchen Supplier of the Year 2012

23 oktober, 2012

Diskomat was named Catering Kitchen Supplier of the Year 2012 by SKBF “Storkökskonsulternas branschförening”

The criteria: “The winner of the Catering Kitchen Supplier of the Year prize is a company that has supplied catering kitchen machines, equipment and furnishings to restaurants and catering kitchens while demonstrating a high level of quality. The supplier assumes an active and clear responsibility for what it delivers, both with regard to the plans that are drawn up and when it comes to ensuring that the work of the restaurant staff starts off well after a period of new construction or reconstruction.

The prize has been established to demonstrate the importance of good catering kitchen supplies. It takes into account everything from the small kitchen or bar to the large restaurant. The prize is awarded by Storkökskonsulternas branschförening. The jury is the Board of Directors at SKBF”.

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